Bastion of Faith

Entry & Advancement


Prior to being selected for observership, all prospective candidates live in the retreat for a week to ten days, under the watchful eyes of Mother Loughora. She might speak with the candidate a few times to get a feel for the candidate and his reasons for wishing to join the temple. If Mother Loughora doesn't think the candidate measures up, he is asked to leave. If the candidate measures up, he is invited to stay in the monastery for his observership.

Those asked to stay must physically move from the retreat and into the Bastion. The observership last 4-7 weeks, during which time the candidate cannot leave the Bastion grounds for any reason. Candidates who do exit the grounds during observership are asked to leave, although nothing prevents them from beginning the process again.

During the candidate's observership he is shown the ropes of the temple and its day-to-day life. The candidate follows the schedule that every other member of the temple follows, save that the candidate's work periods consist of tasks and labors only, for candidates must pass their observership before being able to take liturgical classes.

Just as Mother Loughora did for prospective candidates, Father Abbregio determines if a candidate is fit for advancement to postulant status. Those who don't make the cut are told diplomatically that perhaps life in a temple is not for them.


The second stage for prospective candidates is to enter a prenovitiate phase called the postulancy. The postulants move to different cells, though they're not really any bigger. The postulancy lasts for three months, during which time the candidate can leave the Bastion grounds for no more than three days out of seven. In special circumstances, postulants can petition Father Abbregio to leave the grounds for more time but these requests are generally refused. Postulants who violate the residency policy are expelled and are unlikely to be considered again for postulancy.

During this time, a postulant becomes an integral part of the temple. The postulants attend novitiate classes specific to their particular advancement tracks. Postulants follow the schedule that every other member of the temple follows. About half of the postulants' work period is taken up with liturgical classes.

Father Abbregio determines if a postulant is fit for novitiate advancement in the same manner as he determined whether candidacy itself was possible. The pre-novitiate period is completed at the end of postulancy. At this point the aspirant has the opportunity to become a novitiate. Postulants judged unfit to move to the next level are informed as gently as possible and shown the door. Those who pass their postulancy become novitiates in the Bastion of Faith.


It's time for a little celebration to praise Heironeous. The road to becoming a novitiate is not easy and not for everybody, but those who've come this far are confident in their choice of service. At the novitiate stage, the advancement track in the Bastion of Faith branches between those seeking the priesthood and those who wish to become affiliates.

In addition to gaining the title Brother or Sister, all priest novitiates and affiliate novitiates receive a new name. Picking a new name is usually done from a list of saints and other venerated holy people; however, novitiates are not forced to pick a new name if they absolutely refuse the honor. Often, the novitiate combines a portion of her own name with that of a saint.

All priest novitiates and affiliate novitiates of the Bastion of Faith gain the mettle ability. The novitiate commits to give up 20% of any profits garnered through missions or obediences.

Priest novitiates

Temple Hierarchy


Abba Gaius, Vanguardier of Heironeous

Tripartite Council

  • Hierodeacon Caernarvon, Knight Courageous of Heironeous
  • Hierodeacon Dolaucoth, Loyan of Heironeous
  • Hierodeacon Landra, Knight Courageous of Heironeous

Secondary leadership

  • Mother Loughora, Knight Gallant of Heironeous (Retreat)
  • Father Netherby, Vigilant of Heironeous (Agora)
  • Mother Annan, Vigilant of Heironeous (Public chapel)
  • Father Abbregio, Champion of Glory of Heironeous (Postulants)
  • Mother Fela, Champion of Glory of Heironeous (Novitiates)


  • Father Gaiver, Champion of Glory of Heironeous
  • Mother Casna, Anduran of Heironeous
  • Mother Mughor, Champion of Glory of Heironeous
  • Father Fergil, Champion of Glory of Heironeous
  • Father Turgai, Warder of Heironeous
  • Mother Felcaera, Knight Gallant of Heironeous
  • Father Narnod, Knight Gallant of Heironeous
  • Father Gibgil, Warder of Heironeous
  • Father Brufel, Knight Gallant of Heironeous
  • Father Picneth, Champion of Glory of Heironeous
  • Father Temon, Vigilant of Heironeous
  • Mother Anchele, Lawkeeper of Heironeous
  • Father Keiver, Anduran of Heironeous
  • Father Felskip, Knight Gallant of Heironeous
  • Father Caergrub, Loyan of Heironeous
  • Father Tomagil, Champion of Glory of Heironeous
  • Father Gilstan, Anduran of Heironeous
  • Mother Cassue, Knight Gallant of Heironeous
  • Mother Mirfa, Anduran of Heironeous
  • Mother Abbna, Hero of the First Rank of Heironeous
  • Father Worver, Hero of the First Rank of Heironeous
  • Sister Faia, Hero of the Second Rank of Heironeous
  • Sister Caire, Hero of the Fourth Rank of Heironeous
  • Brother Worce, Acolyte of Laws
  • Brother Ecuran, Hero of the Third Rank of Heironeous
  • Brother Caernym, Acolyte of Laws
  • Lysle
  • Evan
  • Cedric


  • Inquisitor Ravenglass (Inquisitors)
  • Loremaster Cassante (Catechists)
  • Templar Lugo, Master Avenger of the Knights of the Holy Shielding (Templars)
  • Inquisitor Worleft
  • Pursia, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Inquisitor Tessala
  • Polabu, Scribe of Heironeous
  • Misha, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Sahara, Scribe of Heironeous
  • Aton, Hammer of Heironeous
  • Barnod, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Corfa, Solemn Sister of the Copper Crusaders
  • Corthank, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Cuchulain, Master Avenger of Heironeous
  • Decker, Vigilant Watcher of Heironeous
  • Dunn, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Espwich, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Gallager, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Kurtharos, Unproven of the Brotherhood of the Lance Unbroken
  • Lasha, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Lernard, Vigilant Watcher of Heironeous
  • Lessa, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Lyric the Brave, Vigilant Watcher of Knights of the Holy Shielding
  • Murana, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Nomnic, Solemn Brother of the Order of the Shining Sword
  • Nurnia, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Pierce, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Telpeth, Vigilant Watcher of Heironeous
  • Weztan, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Pettur, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Mortai, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Mara, Unproven of Heironeous
  • Enefel, Scribe of Heironeous

Well-known detached clergy

  • Father Cargil, Knight Valiant of Heironeous
  • Mother Gifela, Vanguardier of Heironeous
  • Father Expidos, Paragon of Heironeous

Well-known detached affiliates

  • Templar Munann, Knight Commander of Heironeous
  • Templar Guidarn, Knight Commander of Heironeous
  • Inquisitor Cossata, Brand of Justice of Heironeous


  • Brother Nod, Acolye of Laws (Favoured by Heironeous)
  • Lelay (Campanile - Bellringer)

Temple ranks

Lvl Clergy Gloryaxes Templars Inquisitors Catechists
1 Acolyte of Laws Hero of the Fourth Rank Unproven Unproven Unproven
2 Hero of the Third Rank
3 Hero of the Second Rank
4 Anduran Hero of the First Rank Solemn Brother/Sister Inquisitor Scribe
5 Champion of Glory
6 Lawkeeper Vigilant Watcher
8 Warder Knight Gallant Hammer
10 Vigilant Hammer Lord High Inquisitor Loremaster
11 Watchful Venturer Knight Courageous Just Captain
12 Loyan Faithblade
13 Enforcer Avenger
14 Guardian Knight Valiant High Avenger
15 Knight Master Avenger Master Inquisitor High Loremaster
17 Vanguardier Knight Champion Knight Commander
20 Champion Paragon Defender of Justice Brand of Justice Learned One
Epic Chosen Paragon-General Keeper of the Balance Truescar Sage
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