Born as the youngest of three children, Conrad’s fate was decided for him at an early age. His eldest brother, Arthur, would naturally inherit their father’s business of carpentry. While his sister, Elisabeth (amicably called Lise), would of course wed as soon as custom permitted, as such she was taught the intricacies of household tasks and the secrets of being a good wife.

As the family was quite poor, despite the father’s excellent professional skills, the parents were left with only a few options. Choosing the most benevolent option, albeit not the most lucrative one, they sent little Conrad to be educated at the Bastion of Faith, a temple of Heironeous, at the tender age of 8.

Conrad spent the next four years of his life sweeping floors, mending robes, setting tables before meals and clearing them again afterward. During this period he was instructed in the ways of the worship of Hieroneous. A typical day meant waking before dawn to recite the morning prayers, setting and cleaning the tables for breakfast and then start with the cleaning of the monastery. As soon as the day’s tasks were finished, usually after evening mass, Conrad would be lectured on subjects such as piety, chivalry and courage. Often these lectures would carry on well past dusk, leaving precious little time for sleep and no time for personal use.

At the age of 12 Conrad was introduced to Hieron Guidarn, a paladin of Heironeous, who had agreed to take the fledgling believer under his wings and show him how Heironeous affected the day to day lives of men. The next four years were spent travelling the world while being rigorously instructed in the ways of the Crusader of Justice. Guidarn proved to be a strict and dispassionate teacher who, above all else, strived to instil a sense of duty and honour in his pupil, often at the expense of a personal bond between the two.

When Conrad returned after these four long years he had changed considerably. No longer the eager and exuberant youth, he had become taciturn and aloof with the only hint of passion being a smouldering glance betraying a great sense of purpose. He had seen the world and recognised it as the wicked and sinful place it was.

Only one year remained until his training at the Bastion of Faith would be complete. This last year was spent studying the sacred texts and teachings of Heironeous to the letter as well as formalising some of the physical training he had received during his time spent as a squire.

Finally, after nine years of training and study, Conrad was deemed ready to swear the oaths that would make him a priest of the God of Valour. He was to be known as Brother Caernym from now on.

However, by this time the abbot, Abba Gaius, had become increasingly worried that the once so jubilant youth had become so cynical of the world around him. Hoping to curb this cynicism he made it Conrad’s first official task to visit his hometown and reconnect with the family he had left behind almost a decade earlier.

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