Don't get me started

So how on earth did I get drawn into this ?

Well, it all started with me and Kris talking on MSN. Kris asked me if I didn't want to DM something. I have received this question before and the auto-reply is "No". Why no ? Well I must admit that I have been spoiled in my roleplaying experiences. Koen and Steven, the guys I have played with for the most of my gaming career, are extremely good players and dungeonmasters and I have grown accustomed to their playing style. Over the years, doing demo's at conventions and at the local gaming store, I have noticed that not that many people have that specific playing style.

Since these days my time for roleplaying has become very limited, I have grown very picky of who I want to play with or who I want to DM for. I want to enjoy the sessions because my love for the game hasn't diminished one bit.

That being said, I wasn't sure if Kris would fit that profile of being a player with that specific playing style I was looking for. He then started talking about this idea he had of playing an elementalist and the more we talked about it, the more I got interested in actually doing a campaign. I have played with Kris in some Savage Worlds sessions and we got along very well for that so I figured I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.

I looked on the net for some stuff on elementalists and found a nice pdf which featured an elementalist class. I showed it to Kris and he thought it was ok.

After that I started thinking of what we could do. I had started reading the Shackled City Adventure Path by coincidence a couple of days prior to my conversation with Kris and though I hadn't really made it past the first adventure, I thought that one would be a cool campaign.

I didn't want a huge amount of players, me being picky and all, so I decided to ask Steven if he had the time to play and he did.

After looking at the later chapters of the campaign, I thought it would be good if we had an additional character so I decided to ask Koen as well.

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