Conrad's Dreams

The next time you go to sleep, you dream the following:

"You wake up and with very sleepy eyes see a figure in the distance. As the figure moves closer, you recognize Hieron Guidarn. Your mind takes you back to his rigorous training. You remember very well how he turned you from a playful child into an obedient servant. His sermons and stories about Heironeous however captivated you time and time again.

You are riding a horse. The Bastion of Faith closes in quickly. As you dismount, Hieron introduces you to Abba Gaius. You remember the time you spent questioning Abba Gaius about faith and duty and his patient demeanour. He always had an answer and treated everyone kindly.

You are travelling on foot this time. You are tired and have been walking for days on end, surviving on berries and a few pieces of moldy bread. The road is very uneven with loose rocks everywhere. Nature seems to work against you as tendrils hanging from trees and bushes seem to pull you down.

Then you reach a fork in the road. To your left the uneven road continues even worse then before. Brambles are everywhere. To your right the road evens out, seems paved even after only a few feet. A lot of people walk around on your right, all wearing smiling masks. They turn towards you, waiting for you to join them.

Caernym. Your name is called from somewhere on your left. In the far distance, after miles and miles of brambles, loose rocks, hunger and suffering, you recognize a figure whose gaze seems to pierce you. Abba Gaius."

When you wake up, you can still feel his eyes upon you.

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