Knowledge about Pholtus

Intermediate Deity of Light, Resolution, Law, Order, Inflexibility, Sun, Moons
Worshippers: Oeridian and commonly accepted across all the Flanaess
Holy Symbol: Full moon partially eclipsed by a smaller crescent moon
Alignment: LG (LN)
Domains: Good, Knowledge, Law, Sun, Inquisition
Weapon(s): Quarterstaff

Pholtus (FOHL-tus) is a stern Oeridian god of unbending Law. He believes that he is the authority on Law and the Natural Order, which makes him unpopular with other gods. The sun rises and sets, the moons wax and wane, the seasons progress - all in a very ordered, regular fashion because this is the structure created by Pholtus. He has presumed to place himself at the pinnacle of the Greyhawk pantheon by claiming authority on the Natural Order. This presumption creates significant friction with the other deities, particularly with St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel (who was originally a follower of Pholtus, and was later raised to be a hero Deity).

The sects of Pholtus are all guided by the One True Way of Pholtus, which is strict, but guarantees rightness. They strongly believe in order and show no tolerance for those who do not enforce the cause of Law; smiting Chaos where found, and Evil once chaos is rooted out. Because of this they are commonly drawn towards governmental functions, most notably holding prominent roles in the Judiciary and Advisory areas of the Aerdy Great Kingdom, before its fall.

The belief of Pholtus as the authority for Natural Order is prevalent within his followers, and they do not have much respect for other religions, especially chaotic ones. His followers are expected to bring the One True Way to unbelievers, and brook no argument against this practice. This quest leads them far from their churches, usually in groups in case unbelievers and heretics turn hostile. All Pholtan followers believe fanaticism for the cause of law is praiseworthy.

Pholtus in Nyrond

The church of Pholtus in Nyrond has a mixed reputation. In some areas it is well received, in others it is disliked. To better understand the reasons for this, consider the wider history of Pholtus in the Aerdy areas. The Pholtan Religion in old Almor was strong, but was also decimated by Ivid towards the end of his reign of the Aerdy Great Kingdom. Pholtans traditionally were well received in the Great Kingdom, enjoying positions of governmental power and advisory, until 582CY when the Patriarch of Pholtus in Rauxes, Emasstus Carcosa, declared Ivid a heretic, insane and allied with fiends. Ivid had him arrested and began a systematic purging of Pholtans from the Great Kingdom, rampantly looting temples and killing priests. This, of course, resulted in a large exodus. Many ended up strengthening the Pale, others dispersed to areas outside of the Great Kingdom, including Nyrond. While Almor was ruled by multiple faiths, the fact it had a strong Pholtan following did nothing to improve relations with the Great Kingdom, and it also felt the brunt of this hatred of Pholtus, ultimately being crushed by the Animus Duke Szeffrin and his forces.

The Pholtan strength of old Almor was in the north, and after the collapse they shifted to the west into Nyrond. This group of followers and worshipers has maintained their unity, and have always held to slightly different tenets of the Pholtan belief than their brethren of the Church of the One True Way in the Pale. In recent times this difference has become polarized as the Church of the Bright Path spreads throughout the Almorian followers in the southern end of Nyrond.

In addition to all of this, the Church of the One True Path in the Pale has sent forth an independant organization known as the Valorous League of Blindness. This is a fanatical order of Pholtans who have gained a great presence and hold in Midmeadow, but who also range southward all the way to Mowbrenn.

The Pholtans in the rest of Nyrond are traditional in their beliefs, tracing their roots to the Great Kingdom's Church of Pholtus, the Church of the Blinding Light. The Valorous League of Blindness pays indirect obeisance to the Church of the Blinding Light where it is encountered, but they maintain their independance and are supported by the Church of the One True Path in the Pale. Where they are strongest, the temples and chapels of Pholtus are staffed and managed by the church of One True Path.

The Church of the Blinding Light

Clergy: Priests, Paladins
Clergy Alignments: LG, LN
The Church of the Blinding Light is the predominant force of Pholtus in Northern Nyrond. The Church of the Blinding Light in Nyrond traces its roots to the old Aerdy Church of the Blinding Light, prevelant throughout the entire Great Kingdom. Like most of the Churches of the Blinding Light in the Flanaess, there is not a great level of coordination between temples. The Church of the Blinding Light in Nyrond was splintered from the Great Kingdom's Church at the time Nyrond defected, when Nyrondese sympathizers purged the local Churches of Imperial sympathizers. While these churches do maintain relationships with the Church of the One True Path in the Pale, as well as other strong branches of Pholtan Churches around the Flanaess, the Church of the Blinding Light in Nyrond is a unique entity unto itself, only loosely coordinated an ecumenical council of Pontiffs from the major temples.

Followers of the Church of the Blinding light are traditional Pholtans, and vocally only acknowledge their own order of Pholtus in Nyrond. They generally refuse to admit the Church of the Bright Path exists, considering these followers lost from the cause of Pholtus. However, this schism is heating up to the point where they cannot ignore it any more.

It is also an interesting subnote that the Church of the Blinding Light has the original copy of the Scrolls of Light from the Church of the Bright Path, as it was intercepted and taken from disciples of Retaren who were fleeing south after he was hung in Midmeadow. What has happened to it since is unknown, and the Church of the Blinding Light in general consider the scrolls to be a high quality work of fiction fabricated by a very lost and confused individual.

Areas of Influence

The Church of the Blinding Light has shrines and temples througout much of Nyrond, where they have not been claimed by the Church of the Bright Path or the Valorous League of Blindness and the Church of the One True Path. Specific areas they do not have a strong presence are Midmeadow, Almor, parts of the Duchy of Korenflass and parts of the Justcrown province.

The Church of the Blinding Light is very structured, and also maintains three graduated orders: Glimmering, Gleaming and Shining. Ranking is also given to members of each order, and structure within individual orders is as important as the greater structure of all the orders.

Rank Name Honorific
1-3 Acolyte Brother/Sister
4-5 Deacon Brother/Sister
6-7 High Deacon Brother/Sister
8-9 Prior Father/Mother
10-11 Priest Father/Mother
12-14 High Priest Father/Mother
15-17 Bishop Father/Mother
18-19 Arch Bishop Father/Mother
20 Pontifex Your Holiness

Religious Trappings

Members of the Church of the Blinding Light are garbed similar to other churches of Pholtus. The Holy Symbol for this church is true to the holy Symbol of Pholtus, but varies in design. As with the other churches, it is the two moons eclipsing, but for the Church of the Bright Path the smaller moon (Celene) is located at the center bottom edge of the larger moon (Luna), presenting an inverted elipse. On more elaborate holy symbols the area of Luna is covered in ivory, electrum or mother of perl, and celene is inlaid with aquamarine coral.


Temples and rituals
Buildings consecrated to Pholtus are white. Services include many brightly burning candles, long sermons and choruses of the worshippers' anthem, "O Blinding Light".

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