I spent the first seven years of my life in Oldkeep living with the village elder Aranda. She's not my mother. She explained to me at a very young age that she found me at her doorstep when I was still an infant. I have always been curious about my family, my heritage, and my uncontrolable rage problems which already manifested at a very young age. I didn't want to be a burden for Aranda who was already in her seventies so I left town on a rainy morning. I don't think anyone saw me leave. I knew there was something special about me but I didn't know what. I didn't know where to start searching either so I just followed my instinct.

Not knowing anything about surviving in the wilds, I finally passed out completely exhausted somewhere in a forest. I woke up in a small cave under a warm bearskin blanket. A huge monster sat by the fire looking at me intently. When he saw no fear in my eyes, he tossed a piece of rabbit meat in my direction. I was starving, grabbed the meat and started eating until the monster snarled angrily and pointed at the fire. The monster wanted me to roast the meat first. So I did and during my meal I found out the monster was a half-orc named Cressyk.

I stayed with Cressyk a long time. He taught me how to survive, how to make traps, which berries and mushrooms I could eat. I still remember the first time I lost my temper. Cressyk grabbed me by the throat, lifted me up singlehandedly and banged me into the cave wall until I calmed down. I learned to control my temper the hard way.

When I was about 10, an orc band discovered our cave. The leader challenged Cressyk but was easily defeated. His son however swore vengeance. Cressyk, who had been teaching me how to fight, thought it to be a good time for me to prove my worth. I was to challenge the orc leader's son and defeat him in battle. The orcs accepted and the fight would be held one month later. During this month, Cressyk prepared me for the fight and also gave me the tattoos which were traditional for his tribe.

Then one night, in our sleep, the orcs came for us. There was nothing we could do and both of us were taken from our cave. I woke up in a dark cellar, chained to a wall and covered in the blood of my own wounds. After a while I noticed two children climbing onto a crate in the same room and hide when they heard someone approaching. The orc leader's son entered and stood before me brandishing his axe. From his belt dangled the head of Cressyk. A red haze took over as I tried to break loose from my chains.

When I regained consciousness, the orc was down on the floor, my head felt like exploding and one of the children was removing my shackles. I got up, grabbed the axe and massacred the orc's body. Then the children lead me to a nearby village where my wounds were treated. Nileth'tan the local ranger took me with him and together we visited Cressyk's cave. The cave was empty, looted by the orcs, so I took along a piece of rock.

When I'm tested by a representative of the Mages Guild, an excruciating pain envelops me and some unseen force kills the representative. I am brought to another ranger called Tamris Quickthorne and eventually I'm examined by another representative of the Mages Guild. Nothing out of the ordinary is found so I returned to Cressyk's cave. Tamris visited me from time to time and even assisted me in killing a wild boar that had escaped from one of my traps. I was barely able to dodge the boar's attack as it nearly gouged my eye out. This taught me a valuable lessen never to hesitate. Never to show remorse.

Living on my own in the cave, I meditated a lot. It cleared my thoughts and, believe it or not, showed me where to go. One night, out hunting, it had been raining so hard I wasn’t able to light a torch. To make matters worse there was no moonlight either. In the total darkness I sat down, cleared my thoughts and started to meditate again. So strong were my thoughts that I was actually able to create a source of light in the darkness, and find a place to take shelter and sleep.

To this day I still don’t know how I managed to do that. I've tried it on multiple occasions but without effect. I travelled for weeks, even months without speaking to a single person, hoping to find an answer to my questions. Eventually, I decided to return to the cave and admit my defeat. I had no strength left, skin over bone, ill, hardly aware of my surroundings. It was during this night that I had a vision. In that vision she came to me, an elderly lady who called me Cormac and told me never to give up on myself, that I would sooner or later find what I was looking for, like I had done the previous times. Then she faded away. The previous times,… what did she mean by that … The next morning I woke up no more then 50 feet away from Rendrick. I still don’t know how I suddenly ended up there. Maybe I never really left the region at all?

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