The Dungeon Master


My name is Ralph and I have been playing roleplaying games for over 10 years now. Computer roleplaying games were my first love. I can not possibly describe the hours and hours I spent playing Daggerfall. Over the years I have collected a huge amount of computer roleplaying games and I would start to collect a whole lot more. If only I had known back then, …

I was introduced to tabletop roleplaying (AD&D) by Koen and Steven, two people who at that time owned a gaming store called The Outpost. They organised some demonstration sessions and I was sold from the first minute. Steven and Koen became very good friends and kept on feeding me my weekly rpg juice.

They also immediately saddled me up with the inevitable task of being a DM as well. I remember my first session as a DM very well. Both Koen and Steven were playing and they had an imagination I could only dream of. I arrived at the session carrying huge amounts of prepared storyline material but after 5 minutes of play, it became obvious that the storyline that I had chosen was not the storyline the characters were prepared to follow. I was coming from the very linear computer rpg style of play and that didn't really match with those guys.

But I learned quickly.

Over the years I have played and dungeon mastered quite a lot of roleplaying games : AD&D, D&D, Ravenloft, Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Godlike, Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea, Vampire, Kult, Unknown Armies, Fading Suns, Iron Kingdoms, … Over the years I have also collected (yup this is were it went wrong) a huge amount of roleplaying books. I currently possess a collection worth easily over $10.000 including many autographed books and limited editions.

My favorite games are without a doubt Legend of the Five Rings, Delta Green, Fading Suns and Godlike.

Together with Koen and Steven (yup still those same rascals) I also created a fansite for the Iron Kingdoms roleplaying game called the Buccaneer Bass website.

I have also discovered the wonderfull world of Live Action Roleplaying and have played a character in the Vampire the Requiem LARP (Takeda Kyuzo) and also 'appeared' in several other LARP's (Avatar, Manticore, Poort) in Belgium. Due to time constraints, I'm not able to do this anymore however.

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