Ashtar's temple
Ashtar's temple

This is a low-level adventure I found in Dungeon Magazine Issue 81. It features a small village (Ashtartown) in the woods near a temple of the goddess Ashtar, a goddess of healing. A cleric of Ashtar asks the characters to help him rid a nearby temple of orcs and to reclaim it in the name of the goddess. I won't play through the adventure as written at all.

Instead of Ashtartown, I will use Rendrick as small village. Rendrick is also the location of the Cry Wolf adventure which means I won't have to invent another village down the road. The temple will be one of Pelor and the cleric won't ask the party at all since I have decided that the first adventure will happen in 681 SV (nine years prior to the campaignstart) so the characters are between 7 and 12 years old. Stats and all remain unchanged but there won't be many dice rolls anyway as it's just to introduce the characters as childhood friends.

Hanne has lived her whole life in the Dancing Wolf Inn so she hasn't left the village except to go on woodland journeys with her father. Killigan lives with a cousin of his mother who is the mayor of the village at that period of time. Conrad has lived in the village his whole life as the third son of a carpenter. This adventure takes place when he's eight, so right before his parents send him to the Bastion of Faith.

Hanne, Conrad and Killigan will see the cleric arriving in the village and will most probably accompany him to the Dancing Wolf Inn of Hanne's mother. They will overhear him asking for directions to the ruined temple of Pelor. Now this temple has been the subject in a lot of ghost stories told in the Inn so Hanne will be very interested in following the cleric there to check out if the stories are true. If Killigan is hesitant to follow, she'll ask if he's scared. I'm used to playing with Steven so I can sort of foresee how he'll react on certain situations.

At the temple they'll see the cleric being shot down and hauled inside by orcs who currently use this place as a hideout. They will then stumble into a secret corridor leading to the cellars of the temple. In this cellar they'll find Curtis chained to the walls being tortured by the orc leader. It's up to the players if they want to undertake some action at that point but the orc leader will be ready to swing his axe and kill Curtis. Or so it will be perceived by Hanne and Killigan.

I'm sure they'll try some distraction so the orc leader will miss splitting Curtis' skull but he will end up with a huge scar over his face. Kris has shown me a picture of the character Kratos in God of War and that one also featured a big scar so that fits. Upon hurting Curtis, his sorcerer abilities will be awakened and he'll destroy the orc leader by summoning an elemental of some sort. This will depend on the element Kris wants to specialise on.

After that, Hanne and Killigan can free Curtis and flee throught the secret corridor back to the village.

Update 18/08/08

Just some afterthought comments. This adventure, though heavily modified, went completely as planned. The players went to the temple, rescued Kris' character and developed the childhood bond I was looking for.

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