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How it all started ?

Well I immediately figured it would be very hard for a party of two people to go through this campaign. Then the players decided on a bard and sorcerer as character classes so I needed some melee NPC's. I thought up two NPC's for this who would act as the combat part of the party. One was a female half-elf ranger specialised in ranged combat, the other would be a half-orc barbarian which the party would free in their first adventure. These two would make an inseparable pair as Hanne the female ranger would have taken care of Grak, our barbarian.

Unfortunately it was not to be. Kris decided to change from sorcerer to barbarian who would later take on some sorcerer classes. So I changed my initial story a little bit and the party will free Kris instead of Grak.

Grak unfortunately has been relegated to the bin for now. He might make an appearance somewhere later in the campaign as a mercenary or something.

Still with a rogue (Steven changed from bard to rogue), a barbarian (who will have to take several sorcerer levels in order to qualify for the rage mage prestige class), and a ranger (specialised in ranged combat and going for arcane archer amongst others), this campaign will be a hell of a challenge.

But it will have a huge amount of great roleplay. That I'm sure of.

In order to ease them into the campaign, I have decided to have them go through a couple of adventures prior to taking on Cauldron. The rest of the session overview will be in chronological order.

And yes, the party has been fortified with a cleric of Heironeous. That should give them the necessary combat, healing and divine powers.

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