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Killigan Rhiavadi

Steven told me the concept of his character, being the X-teenth son of a family that didn't end up in the trade of his parents or family and thus started roaming around, scamming people here and there. More of a con-artist.

I vaguely remembered the Rhiavadi family being suspected of having some criminal ties and the Taskerhill family having connections in the mining industry. Since I was planning on playing through the Burning Plague adventure prior to starting the campaign, the affected mine will be owned by the Taskerhill family so both noble families were an option.

Steven chose the Rhiavadi family and received the 'Nobility' local trait from page 402 of the hardcover. I have also decided to give him the 'Scarred Soul' trait and make him one of the Shackleborn.

He will not be an actual Rhiavadi but an orphan who Thifirane discovered in an orphanage somewhere (maybe even the Lantern Street orphanage) but for all Steven knows, he's an actual member of the noble family and a son of Thifirane. It will all depend on how Steven will work out his connection with his family to see how hostile of how early Thifirane will start sending goons to capture Killigan.


Kris originally wanted to play the son of a fisherman who then found out about his sorcerer capabilities. Then he changed to being the son of a carpenter and now with the change to barbarian I am curious how it will go.

He will be introduced to the party (Killigan and Hanne) when they rescue him in the Ashtar's temple adventure where he's a prisoner of the orcs. He will have stayed in the village until he accidentally kills the representative of the mages guild and flees from the village only to return four years later. These four years will be for Kris to fill in as is his childhood. Kris doesn't know yet about the accident with the mage guild representative. He'll find that out ingame when I tell the story.

I have decided to give Kris the 'Wyrm blooded' local trait. He will develop draconic features based on his spellcasting level. The more sorcerer or ragemage levels he takes, the more draconic features will start to appear. At the beginning of the game, since he'll start as a barbarian, it won't be visible at all. I will hint to it in the story as him having a yellow glow eminating from his 'reptilian' eyes when he kills the orc leader and mage representative. He'll also have black hair and black eyes. Then whenever he has gained some sorcerer levels, the yellow glow and reptilian eyes will become visible whenever he casts a spell.


Right, so I have invited a new player to join the campaign since I figured it would be too hard anyway with two players and an NPC. Koen is a good friend who has been helping out with the Buccaneer Bass website from time to time. I've played some Cthulhu and Iron Kingdoms with him so shouldn't be a problem to get him in here.

Koen wants to play a cleric of Heironeous which is very fortunate since the party was lacking some healing power and bashing power which this cleric should be able to provide both. Since there's no temple of Heironeous in or near Cauldron, it was a bit of a problem where he became a cleric. I remembered the AD&D book Bastion of Faith, checked it and yes, it's written as if it's a temple of Heironeous so there we go. I have placed the Bastion of Faith in a nearby city (off the map since I don't have time to flesh out that city now) and Conrad will have been trained there. He will have served as a page for several years (12-16) after which he joined the Bastion of Faith to get a formal education into priesthood.

Since the rest have received one of those local traits, I'm thinking of giving Koen the Scion of Surabar trait. The others just didn't seem to fit and having a cleric combatting evil would make Surabar proud I'm sure. I'm considering not letting the player know about this one either. If they encounter a demon who recognizes his heritage, it will add to the roleplay of finding out about his family ties to Surabar and having to make a decision to claim the nobility patent or remaining a humble servant of Heironeous. Should be fun.

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