Cry Wolf

Cry wolf is a low-level adventure I found in Dungeon Magazine Issue 102 - September 2003.

Tamris Quickthorne fell into a trap and his wolf Rain is looking for people who can help get him out. The villagers of Rendrick are of course affraid of the wolf and think it will attack them.

Grogan and his group will try to kill Rain since he's the one who set the trap for Tamris. Grogan wants to hunt speckled wolves and needs Tamris to show him their location.

The adventure will start on the 1st of Readying, one day after Conrad, Hanne and Killigan found each other in the Dancing Wolf Inn. Curtis will be heading for the village since the monthly market is held on the 1st and 2nd day of every month.

Those staying at the Inn will hear Samuel Arnault, the new mayor, make an announcement about the wolf and promise 200 GP for its capture.

Valorin, a ranger/hunter will be very interested in hunting down the wolf. I will have him act as a bounty hunter more or less, who came to Rendrick to hunt down the wolf for cash. Valorin will also serve to provide the hook to Tristor mentioning that he'll go to Tristor to hunt down orcs after killing the wolf. Curtis should be interested in hunting down orcs, as is Hanne.

The party will most likely start by interviewing John Gallows, the farmer who was 'attacked' by Rain. Then they will have the encounter with Gorik, the bard and the hobgoblins.

Then the alarm bell will be rung in town and the encounter at the market will begin. I have decided to already roll out most of the move silent and hide checks for the NPC's in order to speed up play.

Round 1: Grogan, Valorin, and Rain take their move actions along the paths noted on the map of the bazaar (to G1, V1, and R1). The four archers will attempt to take a shot at Rain when they can spot him.

  • Rain (AC14-HP16): Hide 13+4=17.
  • Archer 1 (AC14-HP6): Spot 2+5=7.
  • Archer 2 (AC14-HP6): Spot 2+5=7.
  • Archer 3 (AC14-HP6): Spot 19+5=24, Attack: 7+2=9 =>Miss
  • Archer 4 (AC14-HP6): Spot 12+5=17, Attack: 15+2=17 =>Hit, Damage: 3
  • Grogan (AC15-HP28): Move Silent 19+1=20 =>Players Listen check
  • Grogan (AC15-HP28): Hide 13+2=15 =>Players Spot check
  • Valorin (AC17-HP18): Move Silent 13+6=19 =>Players Listen check
  • Valorin (AC17-HP18): Hide 13+6=19 =>Players Spot check

Round 2:

  • Rain (AC14-HP13): Hide 4+4=8.
  • Valorin: Spot 1+6=7.

Valorin moves to V2.

  • Rain (AC14-HP13): Move Silent 5+4=9.
  • Grogan (AC15-HP28): Listen 11+2=13

Grogan moves to A to ambush Rain. Rain smells Grogan.

  • Grogan (AC15-HP28): Move Silent 10+1=11
  • Rain (AC14-HP13): Listen 20+6=26

Round 3: Rain moves to R3 and attacks Grogan.

  • Grogan (AC15-HP28)
  • Rain (AC14-HP13): Attack 5+4=9 =>Miss

Round 4: Valorin and archers try to shoot down Rain. Grogan and Rain fight.

  • Initiative: Grogan 3+1+4=8, Valorin 6+3=9, Rain 14+2=16, Hanne 9+3=14, Archer1 7+1 = 8, Archer2 1+1=2, Archer3 10+1=11, Archer4 15+1=16
  • Archer4 (AC14-HP6): Attack Rain 10+2-4=8 =>Miss
  • Rain (AC14-HP13): Attack Grogan 16+4=20 =>Hit, Damage: 5
  • Hanne (AC19-HP11): Attack Called Shot Archer4 5+6-4=7 =>Miss
  • Archer3 (AC14-HP6): Attack Rain 17+2-4=15 =>Hit, Damage: 1
  • Valorin (AC17-HP18): Attack Rain 1. Dex check: 1. Valorin breaks his bowstring.
  • Grogan (AC15; HP23): Attack Rain Axe 13+7=20 =>Hit, Damage: 5
  • Archer1 (AC14-HP6): Attack Rain 5+2-4=3 =>Miss
  • Archer2 (AC14-HP6): Attack Rain 4+2-4=2 =>Miss

Round 5: Valorin runs to one of the archers and grabs his bow. Other archers keep firing on Rain. Grogan and Rain keep fighting.

  • Archer4 (AC14-HP6): Attack Rain 7+2-4=5 =>Miss
  • Rain (AC14-HP8): Attack Grogan 17+4=21 =>Hit, Damage: 8
  • Hanne (AC19-HP11): Attack Called Shot Grogan 14+6-4=16 =>Hit, Damage: 2
  • Archer3 (AC14-HP6): Attack Rain 18+2-4=16 =>Hit, Damage: 2
  • Valorin (AC17-HP18): Runs to archer2 and grabs his shortbow
  • Grogan (AC15; HP13): Attack Rain Axe 15+7=22 =>Hit, Damage: 6
  • Archer1 (AC14-HP6): Attack Rain 5+2-4=3 =>Miss
  • Archer2 (AC14-HP6): Draws short sword.

Update 28/06/08

Well we've taken a extremely long break from playing. Almost a year as it turns out. With only one game per month it's easy to have this happen if any of us cancel a game for some reason.

So what do I still remember from last session ? The party went straight to Tamris' rescue after interviewing farmer Gallows and are currently wounded and on their way towards Rendrick with Tamris on a stretcher. I'm going to skip the encounter with the bard and head straight towards the encounter where Rain is noticed on the market.

In the meanwhile I have also bought a rather large amount of 3.5 edition books which were on sale due to the arrival of 4th edition and have discovered some nice things in them.

  • In Exemplars of Evil I found Zargath Human-Bane. Since I'm planning on running a couple of adventures prior to tackling the Shackled City, this orc will turn out to be the main bad guy, even during the Shackled City. I have already hinted at orc attacks during the last session. Fright at Tristor has orcs, The Burning Plague has an orc, Shackled City has half-orc guards which can be easily replaced by disciplined real orcs of Zargath. Should be doable to fit this one in.
  • In Races of Destiny I was very intrigued by the Illumian race but then I saw the Doppelganger and an evil scheme occurred to me. Since Killigan as a Shackle-born has been given to Thifirane to adopt into the Rhiavadi family, she wants one of her agents to pay close attention to him now that he's growing up. So I figured that it would be cool to have a doppelganger take over Hanne's place somewhere in the campaign and stab the party in the back at the end. I just need to figure out a way to have the doppelganger be able to study Hanne for an extended period of time so I need to get someone close to the party. This I'm going to enjoy.

Update 18/08/08

Everyone seems eager to play and the schedule has been increased to once every two weeks. The encounter on the market went well and ended up with the arrest of Grogan. Since the party had an encounter with Meg and Tor which ended with the death of Tor and the escape of Meg, I decided to have Meg free Grogan from the prison. Due to the player's actions this has developed into a mini adventure of its own.

I have decided to scrap my plans to include the Illumian race and have changed my Doppelganger plans a bit. Replacing Hanne would have been to difficult but luckily there's a character without a background (Killigan) which leaves me with lots and lots of opportunities. So the party will encounter Romina Rhiavadi, Killigan's older sister somewhere in the Burning Plague adventure. This character will be a shadow mage since I absolutely loved that when I read the Tome of Magic. Since Killigan and his family won't be very close, he won't have seen his sister for quite some time which makes it a very easy target for a doppelganger. I'm not quite sure how often Romina will hang out with the party afterwards but I'll make sure they encounter her frequently.

Romina is also a member of the Stormblades. The Stormblades attempted to aid the villagers with the Burning Plague but failed and left Romina behind for dead. She has succumbed to the plague and will be found by the party. Since Killigan used to be a member of the Stormblades as well, this will make some great roleplay once they actually meet the Stormblades. Also a newspaper article will be featured in the Cauldron Herald stating the Stormblades succeeded in getting rid of the plague. More conflict. Better roleplay.

Update 17/01/09

This adventure has been completed as well. I left out the encounter with Gorik since the party was too heavily wounded to have another encounter on top of the marketplace encounter. The party rescued Tamris, Curtis pretty much beat up Grogan by himself, and they were led into the Prison Break adventure very smoothly.

Small story between sessions Prison Break
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