Prison Break

The characters had an encounter in the woods where Tamris was being held captive. Two henchmen of Grogan, Meg and Tor, ambushed the party and almost wiped them out. Tor met his demise, Meg got away.

Meg has followed the party from a distance and could not intervene during the fight at the market. She has however a plan to help Grogan escape from the prison.

In order to do that, she has killed a farmer she found on a nearby field. She dragged the body to a hideout close to the village. At nightfall, she climbed on top of the roof of the jail and put a small vial attached to some rope on the chimney. She also emptied a number of flasks of oil onto the roof. She then climbed back down and knocked on the front door. When the constable got up and passed the fireplace, she released the vial into the chimney.

The powder in the vial emitted a noxious gas upon contact with fire and Grogan and the constable passed out. Meg then picked the lock of the front door and entered when the gas had evaporated. She then picked the lock of Grogan's cell and woke him up.

Meg then put the key in the cell's lock on the outside to make it seem as if the constable had opened the cell door. They then got the farmer's body and lay it just outside the cell. Grogan drenched the walls, bodies and furniture in oil while Meg stood watch.

They then made their getaway and fired a burning arrow from some bushes nearby onto the roof which immediately caught fire and set the whole building ablaze.

The clues they could find were : an arrowpoint in one of the wooden beams supporting the roof, broken glass vial in the fireplace, tampered locks, oil vial in nearby bushes, broken oil vials in the house.

Update 12/08/08

Right so what the party found are : broken glass vial in the fireplace and the oil vial in the nearby bushes.

During the night, they first thought the fire was a diversion to kill Tamris. This turned out to be a false assumption. After finding the vials they concluded someone wanted to kill Grogan. So they cooked up a plan to act as if Grogan was still alive and lead him to Curtis' cave so the bad guys would come after him to try and kill Grogan again. This won't happen of course since the bad guy and girl are making their way towards Cauldron where they might encounter the party again.

The party completely missed the mayor mentioning the missing person (the farmer who's body they think is Grogan's). I have no clue what they'll come up with next.

There is however some sort of time limit since Curtis is supposed to accompany Julius the tanner to Tristor at 9.00 the following day.

Update 17/01/09

They finally added up the clues during the last session and found out that the body they had been dragging around wasn't Grogan's body at all. Kris's character split somewhere during the session to make good on his promise and escort Julius to Tristor. So that left Killigan and Caernym to deal with the situation. At the start of the next session I will have my party split up in two and to make matters worse, Koen saw my adventure The fright at Tristor and told me he had already played it. So I'm planning the next session to be a lot of roleplaying where the characters can tell their stories about the prison break. I'll introduce some story elements for Kris and Steven to go to Tristor and I'll have to find a way to keep Koen occupied while I run that adventure, probably an adventure of his own.

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