A small story
Small Story in between sessions

I will then tell them about the arrival of a representative of the mage's guild in the village. I have set it up that at the age of 12, normally children are handed over to a specific guild in order to learn their trade and follow a four year internship. The mage's guild however is a very powerful guild which insists on testing the magical abilities of all children within the kingdom before any other guild can claim them. The mages guild sends representatives throughout the kingdom to prick the children's finger with a magical needle. If it hurts, the child will have magical abilities and the amount of pain will be a measure of how strong the magical abilities of the child are. If there's no pain, the child doesn't possess any magical abilities.

Killigan and Hanne won't feel anything. Killigan because he has no magical abilities, Hanne because her divine spells will be triggered only later when she reaches the appropriate level and it's not arcane but divine magic.

Curtis however will be the subject of an excrutiating amount of pain and this will trigger his sorcerer's defense mechanism again. Another wave of elemental energy will emerge and will kill the representative.

This will lead Curtis to having to flee the village. I did this so he could actually wander around as I didn't see a barbarian living in a village until he was 16 at which time the actual story will begin.

Then the story will change to the current time again. Hanne will be 20 years old and still living at the Inn. Killigan will have moved on (don't know the character background story yet which means I get to do whatever I want in the character's history) and will have left the village to wander the kingdom. Kris' character Curtis will have fled the village and will have stayed in the woods for a while with Tamris Quickthorne and after that will have wandered the kingdom as well.

What are the odds ? They all end up in the village again for some reason at age 16. Hanne already lived there, Killigan is just passing through (to deliver a letter to the mayor) and Curtis will have a caravan guard duty bringing him here.

As you will be able to see in the sessions overview, especially the Curtis story was changed a bit. He didn't run, but stayed with Tamris who I introduced as a hook for Cry Wolf which is the next adventure. Curtis then decided instead of travelling, to just live in the wilds in Cressyk's cave and return to Rendrick once in a while to sell stuff. I have also made the old mayor a cousin of Killigan's mother. When she learns of the old mayor's death, she sends Killigan to Rendrick with a letter for Samuel.

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