The next time you go to sleep, you dream the following :

Sunday, 2nd of Readying 690 SV

"You find yourself in an unknown forest, walking around for hours on end. When it gets dark, you set up camp. After a few hours, you feel a cold wind, that chills you to the bone, encircle the camping spot. Your campfire goes out and you sit in complete darkness. The wind grows stronger and carries a name. "Hiiiissssssss Cooooormaaaaac hhhhhfffffffffssssssss". Shadows move in the trees and you feel as if watched from every side. Then a dark figure steps from the shadows. You can barely make out the form against the moving shadows. "Hiiiissssssss Cooooormaaaaac hhhhhfffffffffssssssss". As you walk towards the figure, you notice you're suddenly sinking. A swamp ! That wasn't there earlier! You sink further as you keep on moving towards the figure but the distance doesn't seem to get smaller. Suddenly the figure moves towards you and you catch a glimpse of a face.


Then sizzling sounds emanate from the face, the skin seems to boil, and drips down to the ground as if acid had been poured all over it. You are currently up until your neck in the swamp and moving is out of the question. The figure has almost completely melted. You scream as the remaining liquid vaporizes and is blown into your face. The sizzling start again. Then you're completely immersed underneath the mud."

You wake up all sweaty with an alarmingly high heartbeat and a tingling feeling all over your body.

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