Hanneth'tel Ellessar or Hanne is a half-elf ranger who has lived in Rendrick all her life. Her father Nileth'tan Ellessar is a ranger who takes care of the woodlands surrounding the village. He acts as forest guardian, guide and hunter for the village. Hanne's mother, Helen owns the Dancing Wolf Inn. Ill or injured villagers also turn to her as it is said she knows magic which enables her to cure all sorts of ailments.

Hanne loves going into the woods with her father and has dedicated herself to learning his trade. Her favorite weapon is the bow and her skill is unmatched by anyone in the village except for her father.

She shares her fathers hatred for orcs. Her father told her horrifying stories of how orcs slew much of the tribe he originally belonged to. The few remaining elves fled their homeland and left in different directions in order to spread the word of the orc's attack. Hanne's father eventually ended up in Rendrick where he fell in love with Helen and decided his days of wandering were over.

Hanne loves stories and as a child spent hours and hours listening to wandering bards who stayed at the Dancing Wolf. She tends to be very serious and can be quite obstinate when she has put her mind to something.

Hanne has known Killigan and Conrad from when they were kids and felt sad when they left the village.

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  • Nileth'tan
    • Freeday, 23rd of Fireseek, 680: You have passed my test daughter of the Ellessar. Many more will come in life and most will be more difficult then mine. But you must face them nonetheless my daughter. Face them and vanquish them. Today I am glad you are my blood, soon I will be proud. Now go and tell Mother about this.
  • Curtis
    • Moonday, 3rd of Reaping 681: I owe my life to this person, a debt I can hopefully repay some day.
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