Killigan Rhiavadi


  • Killigan is a noble whose family lives in Cauldron. His mother Thifirane is incredibly wealthy. Killigan also has a sister named Romina.
  • The Rhiavadi family is rumoured to have connections to the underworld.
  • He was sent to live with a nephew of Thifirane, who was the mayor of Rendrick.
  • After spending several years in Rendrick, Killigan traveled the realm and picked up a lot of skills and knowledge on the way.
  • Killigan used to be a member of the Stormblades, an adventuring party in Cauldron.
  • Killigan has done certain missions for the Gray Knives, the Thieves Guild of Cauldron, amongst which were at least 4 counts of arson.
  • Killigan has been sent to Rendrick once more to deliver a letter of Thifirane to the new mayor, Samuel Arnault, whose father passed away recently.

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Others about …

  • Hanne
    • Starday, 1st of Readying 690 SV: Oh Killigan, don't worry. Father doesn't mean all those things he says about you.
  • Curtis
    • Starday, 1st of Readying 690 SV: Needs to eat more, maybe then he'll grow a bit stronger and more durable. Sometimes talks weird and acts funny around Hanne.
  • Unknown source
    • Sunday, 2nd of Readying 690 SV: That noble and his cronies are gonna pay for this.
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