Hi I'm Kris, one of the brave adventurers in this campaign. I don't have a lot of roleplaying experience yet, although I started at a pretty early age, I took a long break as well.

I started playing AD&D about 10 years ago. Played for about a year untill the group broke up. Then I had a long break from roleplaying till about a year or 2 ago. Since then I've played Vampire live roleplay ( for about 6 months, lost interest ). A Cthulhu adventure ( about 4-5 game sessions… good times… ) and some larp. ( Live action roleplay )

My favorite roleplay setting is probably Call of Cthulhu. Although I've only played a few game sessions I love the mystery, the horror, the insanity,… Just not being able to just kill everything you encounter.
I've also recently read the Fading Suns setting background. It looks very promising, hopefully I'll get the chance to enter the books of history in that world one day.

Then there is Savage Worlds, a great cross-over between roleplaying and miniature gaming. Steven introduced me to the game, and I was sold right away. The concept is simple, the DM prepares a gaming table ( like the ones used in wargames ) and fills it with his own made scenery and painted miniatures to create a certain setting for the session. The players each provide a painted miniature for their own character. The DM then gives an introduction to the game ( How you got there, who hired you, what you assignment is,… ). From there on you can move around on the table and do your thing, talk to other people ( miniatures ) shoot monsters, examine stuff,…

I'm running my own Savage Worlds campaign now, set in the Deadlands setting. We've only been able to play 2 sessions so far since it takes a LOT of preparation. ( Painting a lot of miniatures who you might only use 1 session, create a lot of scenery,… )
The main thing about Savage Worlds is, it's very Pulpy, and everything is possible.

For this campaign I'll be playing a Human Barbarian based on Kratos from the PS2 game God of War. ( Awesome game, awsome character ) I'll be wielding weapons alike to the Blades of Chaos, and I'm going to use his appearance for my character as well. His background however I'm not going to use.
I'm really looking forward to this D&D campaign. Its been a long time since I played D&D, and judging from the time Ralph has already put into this it will be awesome.

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