Nileth'tan Ellessar

Guardian of the forests near Rendrick.


An elven ranger who settled down in Rendrick where he fell in love with Helen, owner of the Dancing Wolf Inn. Nileth'tan is a close friend of Tamris Quickthorne.

He is far from happy with his daughter's crush on Killigan but won't forbid her to see him as he remembers his own father's reaction when he chose a human bride.

He tries his best to let the party solve the problems themselves but is always close at hand, should anything go awry.

Nileth'tan is rumoured to be more than 1000 years old.

Others about …

  • Hanne
    • Freeday, 23rd of Fireseek, 680: Father took me into the forest again today. I had to identify the tracks of seven animals. And father didn't make it easy you know, it was really hard but I managed.
  • Curtis
    • Freeday, 28th of Fireseek 690: Tomorrow I'll be visiting Rendrick again, hopefully I'll also run into Nileth'tan there. Although we have exchanged harsh words at times, I owe a lot to this respectable man.
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