• Taskerhill: Lord Ankhin Taskerhill is the inheritor of the fabulously wealthy Taskerhill mines and estates. Ankhin is the richest man in Cauldron, and now that he is a widower (his wife having recently passed away) he is also one of the most sought after men within its walls.
  • Lathenmire: Beswink and Lioral Lathenmire are the current heads of the House Lathenmire, which has not yet officially been given the patent of nobility, but is expected to overcome that obstacle before the end of another decade. Beswink started life as the third son of a poor weaponsmith. When he caught the eye of Lioral, the only daughter of a successful merchant, he had the chance he needed to turn the tide of his fate. With the help of his new bride, Beswink began to buy out the other weapon and armor smithies in Cauldron. Coupled with the trade routes established by Lioral’s father the two quickly became one of the most financially influential couples in Cauldron.
  • Tercival: Alek Tercival, a paladin of St Cuthbert, is the last surviving member of this land rich, monetarily destitute, noble family.
  • Navalant: The current Lord Mayor is the sole inheritor of a powerful family that claims to have been given the patent of nobility by Surabar Spellmason himself. The family controls large orchards north of Kingfisher Hollow, and it is rumored that they have a standing pact with the fey in the area, which allows them to maintain their control on the rare wood trade out of the region. Even though Severen is the last member of his line, he is not on speaking terms with his parents, who disapprove of the fact that he married into the Hollow family. However, it was this marriage (fruitless, currently) that brought Severen’s name to the attention of the Noble’s council, and ultimately led to his appointment 13 years ago.
  • Aslaxin: The Aslaxin family is currently the most powerful house in the town of Kingfisher Hollow, now that the Taskerhills have moved most of their interests into the city. The Aslaxin rice crops are one of the greatest sources of food in the region, and their dominance of the food import trade seals the family’s continued power in the region. However, the true gem of the Aslaxin empire is the art trade.
  • Skellerang: Lord Captain Commander Terseon Skellerang was, as is the tradition in Cauldron, granted nobility for the course of his appointment. Terseon has never had time for a wife or family, but he is still fairly young, and plans on having a family later in his life.
  • Knowlern: Lady Ophelia Knowlern inherited control of this house when her father and brother died in a mine explosion, and she has been loath to marry, giving up her power. She makes her home in Hollowsky, where she can better look after her interests in the areas mines (both south of Hollowsky and in the immediate vicinity of the Haunted Village). At the behest of Jenya Urikas, she often sits in as a voice of reason and compassion at Cauldron’s council meetings.
  • Rhiavadi: Lady Thifirane is the matriarch of this ancient house. She lives alone (discounting servants) in what is widely considered the most ostentatious display of wealth in the city, a multileveled, towered structure on Obsidian Avenue. Though she controls interest in several businesses in the region, it is known that she has little patience for them and allows most decisions to be made by subordinates. She is a very sought after bride, but the rumormongers of Cauldron doubt if she will ever find a partner.
  • Hollow: The Hollow family, currently led by Sardis and Maeth, is the greatest half-elven clan in the region, being traditionally led by an elf patriarch and a human matriarch. The family’s plantations are responsible for the foundation of two of the areas villages (Kingfisher Hollow and Hollowsky). The family claims numerous sons and daughters, as well as noble born Elves, most of whom live in Elvenhome or have gone to seek their fortunes in other lands.
  • Spellmason: Surabar Spellmason and his line was given the patent of nobility by the leadership of Sasserine upon his founding of Redgorge and Cauldron. For 250 years or more, the Spellmason family was one of the most respected in the region, and one of the most powerful. However, Surabar’s line came to an abrupt end when a caravan led by brothers who were the last to bear the name mysteriously disappeared.
  • Vhalantru: Lord Orbius Vhalantru was given the patent of nobility shortly after moving to Cauldron 15 years ago. Immediately upon arriving to the city he gave a huge sum of money toward the restoration of several town structures, including the Town Hall. The grounds of Vhalantru’s manor are among the most beautiful in Cauldron.
  • Vanderboren: The Vanderborens, Lord Premiach and Lady Aeberrin, are the newest of Cauldrons nobility, having received the patent of nobility only nine years ago. The house is Cauldron’s answer to real-estate tycoons, and they own several important buildings and businesses in the city, including Sure Foot Livery and the Lantern Street Orphanage.
  • Garthûn: Adrick Garthûn is the patriarch of a small dwarven community just to the south of the village of Redgorge. However, he spends most of his time in Cauldron looking over his import business. Adrick is gregarious and friendly in his business dealings, but is taciturn and often short when questioned about his family. It is known that he has several children, but he speaks neither about them, nor about his wife.
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