Passages from the Book of Penitence

"First, with every good work you initiate, pray to him most earnestly to see that your task is upright. In his goodness, he has already counted us as his sons and daughters, and therefore we should never grieve him by our unjust actions. With his good gift of fairness which is in us, and by the strength of justice he provides us, we must obey him at all times that he may never become the angry father who disinherits his children, nor, enraged by our sins, the dread lord who punishes us forever as worthless servants for refusing to follow him to glory." - Book of Penitence, 2:231

"Ferrante lived long ago, when the sky was still purple and different stars shone. He was a knight, pure and true, and in his youth he pledged himself to Heironeous. A power came into him, and even in the deepest shadows his face was illuminated as if by sunlight. Ferrante moved across the land righting wrongs, shining the light of Heironeous into every shadow of evil. None could stand against him, and in time Ferrante became the foremost of Heironeous's champions within the Material realm. And this was good."
"In that time the skies to the east grew dark, and a pestilence came upon the land. Crops withered, animals fled, and fear grew in the hearts of the people. Heroes who went east to fight the darkness never returned, and the darkness grew. Finally, Ferrante turned his attention east, and vowed to see justice done. And this was good."
"Ferrante's journey into the pestilent lands was not easy. His path was barred by the Two-Headed Hound of Sthalash, but when the battle ended, the One-Headed Hound of Stalash slunk away, licking its grievous wound. His path was barred by the Endless Wyrm, but after a mighty exchange, the Wyrm fled, leaving severed coils behind to writhe mindlessly in the dust. Ferrante penetrated at last the heart of the pestilence, and forced the Lord of Evil, a tyrant called Kahabros, to face justice. And this was good."
"Kahabros employed many magical powers supplied to him by Hextor. He called forth Enchantments, which Ferrante steeled himself against. He brought down Evocatinos, which Ferrante batted aside with his shining blade. On and on fought Kahabros, becoming ever more desperate. Finally, his magics were depleted, and Kahabros proferred Temptations. Ferrante spoke, saying, 'Your promises mean nothing to me who is wholly in the service of Heironeous!' So saying, he slew the Lord of Evil."
"Yet the proferred Temptations haunted the thoughts of Ferrante ever after. And this was evil." - Book of Penitence, 6:472

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