Small hamlet near the Arlos river.



Rendrick is a congregation of farmers that turned into a small hamlet. The Arlos river and vast forests, nearly surrounding the hamlet provide plenty of food and fertile grounds. A small temple of Pelor lies a bit west of the village at the border of the West Woods. The temple was built nearly 200 years ago, when one of the farmers decided to start an inn and several priests of Pelor saw an opportunity to gain some followers amongst the farmers. In 581 SV, the temple was raided by a group of bandits. The local baron sent a small army to end the bandit threat but the ensuing fight left the temple ruined and its attending priests dead. Over the years the abandonned temple had become a source of many a ghost story and was given a wide berth by the superstitious farmers. 100 years later, Father Darkbane was sent to Rendrick to reclaim the temple for the clergy of Pelor.

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Rendrick (hamlet): Conventional; AL NG; population 120 adults, 100 gp limit; Assets 600 gp; Isolated (96% human, 2% halfling, 1% elf, 1% other races).

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