Session 1 (14th of August 2007 : 20.00 - 02.30)

Our first session started with some last minute work on the charactersheets, choosing feats, dividing skillpoints and so on. When all that was finished, I gave a short introduction about the area and the current date of the campaign being Freeday, 28th of Fireseek 690 SV.

After that we went back in time to when the characters were little children.

Moonday, 3rd of Reaping 681 SV

Hanne (11), Killigan (7), and Conrad (8) are playing in a treehut built by Hanne's and Conrad's father. The children spent most of their time in this hut, being on the lookout for the demon hordes that once swept this region so long ago. When those demonic forces return, at least the children will be able to warn the villagers, or so says their fantasy.

Hanne is in the highest point of the tree, looking out over the road and surrounding forests, Conrad is playing with some wooden dolls, created by his father and resembling Surabar and the demonic horde, and Killigan is shooting out of the window of the hut towards something called the "demonbushes".

Then Hanne sees someone approaching and calls the others to climb up and check it out. When the three of them have established that it's not a demon approaching, Hanne thinks she recognizes one of the priests of the Sungod and runs off to meet him. The others follow from a distance and are greeted by Guerin Darkbane, a priest of Pelor who is sent here to reclaim an ancient temple dedicated to the Shining One.

Guerin wins the children's trust immediately with some candy. After being thoroughly interrogated by the children as to the purpose of his visit and a myriad of other questions, they travel to the village of Rendrick together where they show him to the Dancing Wolf Inn. The children hear Guerin ask for directions to the temple. Helen, Hanne's mother, gives directions and prepares a hearty meal for the priest who is joined at his table by Hanne, Killigan and Conrad who are still firing away all sorts of questions.

After the meal, Guerin leaves for the temple and the children decide to follow him secretly, although they know they are not allowed into that part of the forest by Hanne's father Nileth'tan. They arrive in the bushes only to see Guerin suddenly fall down and get dragged into the temple by two green and hairy monsters. Killigan decides to run back towards the village to get help. Since the temple is in rather bad shape, Conrad decides to sneak up to the temple and peek through on of the holes in the walls. He notices a terrible stench and a huge green, hairy hand with claws resting mere inches away on the inside of the hole he's peeking through. Terrified he quickly sneaks back to Hanne to report what he found. Hanne then decides to move through the bushes towards the front of the temple so they can see what happened to the priest. Upon moving through the bushes, there's a loud crack and Hanne stumbles into what turns out to be a secret tunnel leading to the temple. Hanne and Conrad decide to follow the tunnel and come to a doorway that is blocked by a large crate.

Upon arriving in the village, Killigan runs directly to the Inn informing Helen of what happened. Helen then proceeds to ring the alarm bell and informs the villagers. They then wait for Nileth'tan's return from the forest and a small group armed with scythes, spades, and forks heads for the temple. Killigan is told to stay at the Inn with Helen, and is given a glass of warm milk, which doesn't really decrease his wish to go back to the temple.

Upon peeking over the crate, Hanne and Conrad notice a figure lying on the ground chained to the wall. The figure is covered in blood and wounds and doesn't seem to move. They then decide to climb onto the crate to take a closer look. Curtis (10) returns from one of his pain-induced slumbers to find two children climbing onto a crate somewhere to his left. He grunts and tries to move but the chains and his wounds keep him grounded. Hanne then suddenly hears someone arrive, pushes Conrad off the crate into the room, and jumps to the other side of the crate. Both are hidden behind some other crates and sacks which are scattered around the room.

The three of them see a huge orc (or green and hairy monster, depending who you ask) enter the room. The orc is carrying an enormous axe which he brandishes in front of Curtis. At that moment Curtis sees the head of Cressyk dangling from the orc's belt and goes berserk, trying to rip the chains out of the very wall, kicking and screaming profanities. The orc, the chieftain's son Curtis was supposed to duel, prepares to deal the killing blow. When he strikes he is hit by a stone from Hanne's catapult as Conrad watches on in shock. The axe bites into Curtis's face and the orc is somehow mysteriously thrown back by an unseen force, crushing the orc against the opposite wall. At that moment, everyone in the cellar hears all hell break loose somewhere above them. Conrad then moves closer to remove the pin holding together Curtis's shackles. Curtis moves towards the orc, grabs his axe and starts chopping into the orc like a maniac which leaves Hanne pressed against one of the walls, utterly terrified.

Conrad comforts her briefly and they proceed to climb over the crate again, helped this time by Curtis. They don't manage to pull up Curtis so he shoves the crate aside and passes out again from the strain, blood still gushing from the grievous wound to his face. Hanne and Conrad finally manage to return to the village carrying Curtis as good and as bad as possible.

Helen is taking care of Curtis, when Nileth'tan returns with a wounded Guerin, followed minutes later by his posse with some additional wounded villagers. All are treated by Helen in due time. The children try to help bringing drinks and carrying towels and bowls of water to all.

When the villagers have all left, Nileth'tan calls the children into the Inn's main room where both the mayor and Conrad's father are waiting for them. The children are then questioned about what happened and told to never ever question the adults again. Hanne will not be allowed outside for two weeks and will have to help in the Inn doing chores. Conrad will have to help in his father's business for two weeks doing manual labor and Killigan's allowance is revoked and he has to help the housekeep for two weeks.

Moonday, 17th of Reaping 681 SV

After two weeks of punishment, Conrad and Killigan return to the Inn, only to find Nileth'tan waiting for them. He questions them if they have learned their lesson, and sends them off to the backroom where Hanne is scrubbing the floor. Conrad then returns to Nileth'tan asking him why Hanne is still punished, gets himself spanked for getting on Nileth'tan's nerves and eventually returned to his father for more spanking and another week of punishment.

Curtis is up again, his body still bruised and beaten, and talks to Killigan a bit about his clan, tattoo's and orcs.

Moonday, 24th of Reaping 681 SV

Conrad and Hanne join the rest again and discussions with Curtis resume. Nileth'tan takes Curtis along on his rounds through the forest and they visit Cressyk's cave together. The cave has been looted by the orcs so Curtis takes along a rock from the cave on which he etches the symbol of Kord.

Earthday, 27th of Reaping 681 SV

A representative of the Mages Guilds visits Rendrick to test all 12-year olds for magical abilities. The test consists of pricking the children's fingers with a needle. If they feel pain, it means they have some sort of magical abilities and are claimed by the Guild for proper teaching. Since Curtis's age is unknown and he is much more grown up then the others, Nileth'tan decides it's time for him to pass the test.

When Curtis's finger is pricked, an excruciating pain shoots through his body. The representative of the Mages Guild is thrown back several feet and is killed by some unseen force. Curtis is completely shocked since he didn't remember what happened with the orc. He is taken back to the Inn's backroom to be questioned by Nileth'tan while the mayor comforts the shocked onlookers. Killigan and Conrad sneak up to the backroom window to eavesdrop on what's going on.

Nileth'tan cuts Curtis's arm to see if this force is triggered again and Helen performs some magical investigation. She detects a very dim glow of magic on Curtis but can not determine any detailed information. The mayor is brought into the backroom and the decision is being made to bring Curtis to Tamris Quickthorne, a colleague of Nileth'tan. The mayor will then contact the Mages Guild to check their reaction to what happened.

Freeday, 28th of Reaping 681 SV

Curtis is taken to Tamris, despite his protests and claims of being able to take care of himself.

Waterday, 5th of Goodmonth 681 SV

Curtis has in the meantime built his own shelter in the woods, refusing help from Tamris. Nileth'tan then arrives with a representative of the Mages Guild who subjects Curtis to a full magical investigation but to no avail. No magical capabilities are detected in Curtis. Out of safety issues, the test with the needle is not repeated. Curtis then returns to Cressyk's cave and makes his home there. He keeps in contact with Tamris and Nileth'tan when they visit him and sometimes visits the village on market days to sell hides and various simple trappings.

Godsday, 11th of Goodmonth 681 SV

Conrad is sent by his parents to the Bastion of Faith to join the clergy.

Starday, 1st of Patchwall 686 SV

After the Brewfest festival Killigan, 12 years old, decides to return to Cauldron to visit his family. After a not very warm welcome, he decides to travel throughout the region, on occasion returning to Cauldron to do some chores for the family.

Freeday, 28th of Fireseek 690 SV

Hanne still lives in the Inn with her parents, helping out her mother in the Inn and her father in the forests.

Caernym has recently been promoted to novitiate status within the ranks of Heironeous's clergy and is sent home to his parents by Abba Gaius, the abbot of the Bastion of Faith. Returning after nine years of absence leads to very akward situations as Caernym found out. Completely estranged from his family and no longer the cheerful lad he once was, his parents barely recognize their own son. After a quite silent meal and some general chit chat from his mother, he decides to go to the Inn.

Since the old mayor, a cousin of Killigan's mother, recently passed away and his son, Samuel Arnault, has become the new mayor of Rendrick, Killigan has been sent to the village with a letter. He decides to head directly to the Inn, makes an entrance, and starts flirting a bit with Hanne who is overwhelmed by Killigan's charisma and charm.

Caernym then walks in, notices Killigan and the both of them speak about old times.

Memorable moments of roleplay

  • DM: Steven playing out a sniffing and sobbing Killigan trying to come up with excuses to avoid punishment.
  • DM: Playing out Nileth'tan who hears and sees about everything and always shows up when someone is planning mischief. It was so funny to see their reactions every time he walked into the room. Even nine years later (in 690), Killigan was still not comfortable in the Inn, even though Nileth'tan hadn't made his appearance there yet.
  • DM: Trying to stay serious while playing out the interrogation of Curtis after he killed the mages guild representative, while at the same time Conrad and Killigan are eavesdropping, and communicating by sign language to avoid getting caught. Hilarious!
  • DM: Conrad after incorrectly pronouncing Surabar : Dude, I'm 8 years old. What do I know ?
  • DM: The children deny access to their tree hut to Guerin Darkbane, a priest of Pelor … because he doesn't know the password.
  • Koen: Eavesdropping on Curtis and Nileth'tan and hoping, really really hard, we don't get caught.
  • Koen: Baulking at the injustice of being punished for saving someone's life eventhough we went to the forbidden parts of the forest, only to be punished harder.

Player comments

  • DM: For me it was a lot of fun. The group bonded together very well and we had some great roleplay. Very childish at times, which was to be expected :o) I hope we can continue in this fashion and it will turn into a great campaign.
  • Kris: I had a great time! Although I wasn't introduced until halfway the session it was really entertaining to watch Steven en Koen play a 7/8 year old ( surprisingly well… I wonder how they did it ;) ) Can't wait for the next session, it was a great start!
  • Koen: This was one of the best roleplaying sessions I ever had the pleasure of being in. I admit I was a bit wary when we started out with a flash-back but it really worked out well and will hopefully form a strong foundation for a party.

Character creation Session 2
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