Session 4 (12th of August 2008 : 20.00 - 23.30)

Sunday, 2nd of Readying 690 SV


Curtis and Killigan finally go to sleep while Caernym decides to remain awake to guard Tamris.


Nileth'tan relieves Caernym of his guard duty and the priest finally goes to sleep.


Curtis awakens quite sudden from a nightmare and decides some strong liquor is in order to calm his mind. He finds Hanne already working in the Inn, orders some strong liquor and breakfast, and they talk a bit about the fire.


Nileth'tan accompanies Tamris back to his own domain in the woods. Curtis accompanies the both of them until they reach the village edge after which he returns to the Inn.


Killigan and Caernym wake up. While Killigan gets ready for breakfast, Caernym gets ready for his morning prayers and rituals.


Curtis goes out to the market stalls to help repair the stall he tackled the day before. When he sees the mayor walk towards the Inn, most of the vendors follow and so does he.


Mayor Arnault holds a speech at the Inn in which he talks about the chaotic events during the last day and night. He ensures everyone that the proper authorities will look into the matter and decides that another marketday is due, to compensate for the losses the merchants made the day before. He also publicly congratulates the party for the rescue of Tamris and provides the promised reward of 200 gold pieces to Killigan.

Killigan then decides to check on Caernym and inadvertently interrupts his morning rituals. He then gives an equal share of 50 gold pieces to Hanne and Curtis as well.

Curtis who was back at the market, talking to some merchants, when he receives the money, decides to donate it all to the merchant whose stall he broke. Killigan quickly intervenes and haggles with the merchant about the actual costs of the repairs. They finally settle on 10 gold pieces and Curtis lets Killigan 'guard' the rest of the money.


The mayor then calls the party together to ask them to look into the matter. He finds it strange that the jail burned down right when it saw its first prisoner in years. Caernym donates 44 gold pieces of his reward to the village in order to rebuild the jail.

The party eagerly accepts the mayor's task and heads towards the burned down building to investigate. Hanne is a bit clueless as to what to look for exactly so she tries to look for some tracks but the ground around the building is completely trampled by all the villagers trying to put out the fire last night.

While Killigan investigates the lock on the door, Curtis enters the building and sees the key on the outside of Grogan's cell. He also discovers some brokes glass in the fireplace while Killigan and Caernym spew forth numerous theories of what could have happened. Curtis also finds a badge of office on one of the corpses, identifying the poor constable this way.

When Caernym and Curtis smell the glass shards their receive an incredibly strong sensation in their noses and tears well in their eyes. Caernym then tries to heat the shards which produces a small wift of noxious gas that renders him unconscious. The party then decides against further testing of the shards.

Hanne then returns with a small vial of oil which she found near some bushes and they decide the jail was burned down on purpose.


The hour the scheming begins. Caernym and Killigan come up with a plan to lure whoever burned down the jail, back to Rendrick. They decide it's time to bring Grogan back to life, or at least, pretend he's alive. They even use Killigan's eau de cologne to douse the smell of the corpse a bit. Caernym then starts some rites and suddenly Killigan jumps up in awe when he realizes Grogan "isn't dead". He then runs towards the Inn to get some means of transportation while Caernym remains to comfort "the heavily wounded man".

In the meanwhile, Hanne and Curtis have been questioning some merchants about Valorin whom they suspect has something to do with the whole affair. They discover however that noone actually knows Valorin.

Killigan, who ran into Curtis and Hanne, then returns with a door and some bedsheets in order to transport Grogan to the Inn. At the Inn, they inform Helen about their plan and decide where they'll take the body since they don't want to risk burning down the Inn.

Killigan and Caernym report their findings to the mayor but don't let him in on the scheme. The mayor is quite surprised and thankfull that they discovered Grogan to still be alive.

Caernym then quickly performs the last rites on the body of the constable and asks Helen to inform the nearby temple of Pelor concerning the burial of the body. Killigan in the meantime haggles himself a cart, a horse, … and a crate of apples.

The party then spreads the word of travelling towards the temple but leaves in a different direction on purpose. They travel to the cave where Curtis lives and leave abundant tracks to that location in order to lure 'the evil criminals' to them.


At the cave Curtis sets some traps for food, and some traps for "bears and other criminals". After going over the night's strategy, it is decided that Hanne will keep watch during the night so she and Killigan go to sleep after an amazing display of etiquette by Killigan.

Memorable moments of roleplay

  • DM: Killigan telling the mayor complete bullshit and rolling an amazing bluff check.
  • DM: Caernym, the scheming priest of Heironeous.
  • DM: Curtis handing over his complete reward of 50 gold pieces to a very surprised looking merchant, and Killigan's very quick intervention.
  • DM: Koen and Steven, playing out live on the balcony of the apartment, what their characters are doing with the body (a sports bag) in order to convince me that the curious onlookers were not onto their scheme. Gotta love these guys.

Player comments

  • DM: Another session which didn't go anywhere near the storyline but with an amazing amount of roleplay and hardly any dice rolls. Exactly the way I want my sessions. The players seem very eager to continue the campaign and are having a lot of fun during play so absolutely no complaints from my side. Maybe a funny thing to mention. Since we didn't find a place to play, we 'squatted' the empty apartment of a friend of ours who recently moved to a new place. Thanks Carlo !! We took along some chairs from the gaming store, borrowed two small tables and a bunch of candles, and we were good to go. I think we played BD&D ('Basic' Dungeons & Dragons).

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