Session 5 (19th of August 2008 : 20.00 - 23.30)

Sunday, 2nd of Readying 690 SV


Killigan and Caernym are asleep in the cave. Hanne, after having rested a mere two hours, sneak off into the forest to find a place to keep watch over the clearing. Curtis has prepared a campfire in the meanwhile and keeps watch at the campsite.

Moonday, 3rd of Readying 690 SV


Curtis wakes Caernym to take over the watch. After a while Caernym sees some sort of light move around in the distance. He wakes up the others and they put the corpse of Grogan near the fire as if keeping watch, then retreat and wait but the light source does not seem to close in on the clearing. Curtis then starts sneaking towards the light, followed a bit later by Killigan and Caernym. At a certain point, there's a lot of noise and movement and Curtis rushes in. He finds a dead kobold lying in front of a tree, it's axe planted firmly in the tree's bark. The others arrive at the scene as well and Caernym investigates the kobold's wounds. It seems he's torn to shreds by something. Curtis then searches the surrounding area and finds the body of a scarcely dressed female. He calls for the others but is suddenly attacked by a wild boar. Killigan notices some movement within the tree's branches but decides to head for the others. When Caernym closes in, he recognizes the female figure as a dryad, then figures out the boar is probably just protecting the dryad but doesn't manage to interfere in the fight. The boar is finally slain by Curtis and Killigan who displays a very keen ability with throwing knives. The dryad is heavily wounded, points towards the tree while stammering in a language that the party can not understand. Killigan and Caernym then help the dryad move towards the tree. Curtis removes the axe and the dryad blends into the tree to the amazement of all present. The party then returns back to the camp where they find the corpse of Grogan untouched. Hanne still hasn't moved from her vantage position out of fear of ruining the party's plans. Caernym finishes the rest of his watch without further incidents.


Caernym wakes Killigan and goes to sleep. Killigan checks if Hanne is still there and resumes his watch after gathering some additional branches for the campfire.


Curtis heads back towards Rendrick where he's supposed to join up with Julius, the tanner he promised to accompany towards Tristor in return for tanning a bear skin. The rest of the party is disappointed their plan hasn't worked out the way they wanted to. While Killigan digs a hole near the cave, Caernym performs some funeral rites after which Grogan's corpse is buried.


Hanne, Killigan, and Caernym arrive in Rendrick and learn of the disappearance of a farmer. At the request of the mayor, they decide to investigate and speak with the farmer's wife. The party then heads for the fields the farmer was working on but don't find any signs of a fight or other strange event. They can track the horse through the deep grooves the plough left in the earth. Near the fields they find a flask of oil in the bushes. This is a similar flask then was found near the burned down jail and suddenly it dawns on them that Grogan might not have died after all. They deduct that however burned down the jail, might have first kidnapped this farmer, freed Grogan and left the corpse of the farmer in the building as a ruse.

Memorable moments of roleplay

  • DM: Koen recognizing the dryad immediately, and justifying it with Caernym's scholarly knowledge.
  • DM: The party realising Grogan isn't dead at all and they've been carrying around the corpse of a local farmer all that time.

Player comments

  • DM: It's been over a year since the session so my memory is a bit lacking. I remember being glad the party finally made the connection with the missing farmer, of whom they completely ignored the hint in the previous session. The party ended up being split up but I fully understand the in-character reasoning and would have done the same. This will probably leave me with another (long) session or two (smaller ones) to round everything up, get everyone together again and perhaps hint a bit towards the upcoming storyline which will of course be mostly ignored again. I love these guys.

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