Annah Taskerhill

You were romantically involved with Annah (CHA 16) prior to leaving the Stormblades.

Cora Lathenmire

Cora is romantically involved with Zachary but she has told you during a private moment together that she would immediately leave him for you.

Todd Vanderboren

Todd has always been jealous. He is in love with Annah and couldn't stand the fact that the two of you were together. It were his lies that eventually led to you leaving the Stormblades. He has always resented the fact that he was adopted into nobility and a lot of that resentment has always been directed toward you.

Zachary Aslaxin II

Zachary is a good friend with whom you have spent numerous evenings in the local inns.

Romina Rhiavadi

Romina is your older sister who joined the Stormblades after you left. It's been quite a while since the two of you have seen eachother.

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