Small hamlet near the Yol river.


The hamlet of Tristor is a small farming community a few hours north of Rendrick. The hamlet consists of around fourty whitewashed, thatch-roofed structures which stand protected by a simple wooden stockade. The slow-moving Yol river flows through the village from the north, and emerges from the east wall. Further to the north,the river ends in a area known as the Troll Fens, marshes known to be haven of many a monster.

Notable locations

Notable people

  • Aam
  • Aramis, Brynn
  • Aramis, Escoril
  • Aramis, Gaeren
  • Arim
  • Athone, Rontir
  • Bartho
  • Baug, Trebor
  • Burren, Cend
  • Burren, Edrani
  • Cullen, Zebble
  • Deadknife, Jagadis
  • Falen, Hiram
  • Falen, Prin
  • Falen, Sara
  • Goodbarrel, Finney
  • Grandma Parkal
  • Hellem, Baris
  • Maccabin the Hunter
  • Parsons, Ebben
  • Rennit
  • Sogenford, Anders
  • Stiv
  • Thunderash, Sheaves


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